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Curing Death by Curing Aging

Scientists believe that the mechanisms that cause death are solvable problems. Cancer, disease, and even age are considered to be hurdles that can be overcome. Research suggests that through regenerative medicines such as gene therapy and stem cell research, these obstacles can be overcome.
A Quantum leap in medicine and related technologies is underway. Several diseases and genetic ailments are on the verge of being cured. The largest form of lethal breast cancer has recently been cured and organ transplants have lengthened the life of patients with heart disease, pancreatic cancer, kidney dialysis, and liver disease. If known genetic diseases can be eliminated, what is left to kill us?

Anti aging

The process that causes a life form to die is as old as life itself, but understanding how it works is still science fiction. Someday soon that may change. Programmed cell death, though essential as a defense against cancer and infection, could be controlled to keep people from dying. Learning how the death gene works may lead to drugs or therapies that maintain cell health and fight off natural death.

Is aging a disease?

Using forms of gene therapy, it may be possible to rejuvenate cells and keep them thinking young. If you took a biopsy of various cells through your body when you were 20 and stored those cells in deep freeze, you could take them out when you are 30, replicate them, then transplant them back into the body. A similar process has been used to repair damage to various organs. If it could be applied to all of the organs of the body at the same, it could keep your organs young and health in perpetuity.

Will there ever be a cure for death

Art Levinson, former CEO of Genentech, in a partnership with Google, has recently entered the fray with a new business venture called Calico. Many believe this new venture was created to entice the extreme wealthy with prospects of a much longer life. Whatever the motivation, we are excited to see someone with his credentials working on this problem.

Take a look at Dead or Kicking website for everything about death; from live and historical statistical data about death to detailed information on the death of individuals.

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